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Production Story / Director’s Statement

Perhaps we can chalk it up as another quintessentially Austin experience: a five-minute bar conversation at downtown’s Maggie Mae’s with local filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, the one-man rebel without a crew and original DIY-er, inspires a gang of burgeoning brother-team screenwriters to produce their own genre feature.

If only it were that easy. In a world where the Epic and Alexa cameras christen a production first class, we had neither the budget nor inclination to place bets on tools over methodology. It was about learning without going broke, and if we could recoup – great. We shot on a Panasonic DSLR that was decidedly affordable; hand-crafted dolly rigs out of PVC and skateboard wheels; handed a softbox to our DP, formulated a one light approach to high-contrast horror genre looks, and let her fly; realized audio through one boom mic; had both Original and Diet Coke available on set.

For the price of a used Civic, we made a movie that people seem to enjoy. Audiences gasp and laugh where we want them to. Although lack of experience and blind probability were stacked against us, we had faith in the belief that cinematic entertainment today is still a fundamentally literary medium. We hold by that belief.

Freshman mistakes were aplenty, and the development of appropriate music extended post-production beyond anticipated schedules. The final product is, as it always is in this business, a family product: guided by the producers but realized by the blood, sweat, and tears of the cast and crew – people that we have come to call our family.

Now, in 2015, we have a distribution deal and a release in progress. Thanks to all those who have believed in the film along its journey, it can now go farther than we ever imagined….

With Love and Hope,
Daniel & Stewart Doggett

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“The Doggett brothers prepare for a take in Burnet, Texas” — (from left): make-up effects artist Amy Chambless, actor Samuel French, director Daniel Doggett, director Stewart Doggett, location recordist Meret Slover. Credit: Catharine Krueger.